Felt scarf Erwartung in der Nacht

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Handmade felt scarf “Erwartung in der Nacht”.

Materials: 100% Wool Merino, Chiffon, Viscose, Silk, Wet Felt, Nono Sections, Nunoval.

Size: Width 57 cm., Length 137 cm.


Handmade Felt Scarf.

Scarf from the state of the art Nunofilzen (felts on silk). Warm scarf, not scratchy, pleasant to the skin, soft, light and plastic perfectly draped around the neck, looks wonderful with each of the outer clothes, attracting the attention of the other as bright and elegant accessory.
Only 100% natural materials give comfort, soft warmth, comfort and beauty.
the scarf felts can be a great and original gift for a holiday or brighten your wardrobe!

The scarf is unique and can not be repeated!


Please note: 1) Do not wash in the washing machine. 2) Man wash the scarf in about 30 degrees with soap. Without slingshot.