I’m often asked about jewelry and other things – about some changes in my models or in the models which are based on the idea of my clients . Here are answers to the most important questions on this topic.

Do you produce jewelry on request?

Yes, I can make jewelry on individual orders. To be sure that I can realize a particular desire of your model, please contact me by e-mail: info@handmadediana.com

Can I individually change my wishes for your products?

Yes, I can customize the elements, color, shape and size of my products. To find out if your desired settings are possible, please contact me.

Can I order a piece of jewelry for a specific occasion?

Yes. Whether a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or any other holidays, I assure that you will get the precise jewelry for your specific occasion.

What is the term?

The concept of manufacture varies for each item– it depends on the complexity of the model and the method of manufacture and the duration of the material delivery.

How much is the service?

The price of the service depends on various order parameters – after discussing the details of the order I can offer you a price quote.

It’s important for me that the customers will be satisfied with their orders. I can make products that are thought up by the customer. In that case, connect with me and we will discuss it about.Your opinion is important to my business, so do not hesitate to give your vision about the item details.